Well my friends, are you seeking the answer to your Questions? Or seeking the Truth? We hope and pray that very soon God of all creation and all flesh will lead you into all the Truth and help you get all your answers.

It is a real human nature to seek the Truth (in every way or anyway or in any matter)Many people are agnostics or atheists but the very nature of being accepted and loved by others is still there. That inner longing is never filled or quenched. Some people forsake the things of the world, their families, relationships, quit their jobs and jut try to seek and know the True living GOD. While there are still others who are rejected by the world and long for acceptance and for someone to understand them. There is another class of people who have achieved everything in life but still they lack that inner Peace and True Joy.There are others who fear their Creator and try to please GOD in their own known way or what they learn from others.

My friends GOD understands your Heart.You might have read many books,must have been to many people and places for counseling,many of your relatives,friends,relatives,loved ones would have sympathized with you but you still are in confusion and don’t know the Answers or the way.The Vacuum is still there.There may be negative situations around you,your mind is not at rest and hope seems to have deferred or diminished.Even some of you might have failed in life in one or more aspects or various situations and at various times in life.

Well let not your past determine your future.You are alive for some purpose.We being evil know how to give good gifts to our loved ones,then how can GOD who has created you and me can HE ever even think of giving bad or worse things to anyone.HIS delays’ are not necessarily denials.If you are diligent seeking God, you shall surely find HIM.Man may have rejected you, dishonored you, despised you but God has accepted you as HIS Beloved.Many in the world must have promised you with false hope of Love but remember GOD is Love.HE loves you with an Everlasting Love.

My friends never blame God for any adverse situations in your life.Cast all your burdens and cares into HIS hands. For all things work for Good for those who love God and those who are called according to HIS will(plan).

God has a plan for you. God wants to visit you and not only HE wants to make a visitation but a habitation with you.Only if you call unto the Creator,The True Light,HE will remove confusion from your life.Your sorrow shall turn into Joy.God has given a common gift to all(i.e. 24 hours in a day).Yes time is a gift to all.Just start spending 15-20 mins atleast everyday in silence craving to know the Creator of life.Wait on HIM.Ask the True Light,The Creator to Talk to you and Reveal Himself to You.One fine day God will answer in some or the other way.Man may have broken your Trust or Your Heart but Blessed is the man who puts his Trust in GOD alone.

You have a Hope and Your Hope shall not be cut off. God bless You.