My friends here is the second part of the Prophecy for the year 2017

22)The 7 churches of God will be manifested as mentioned in the book of Revelation i.e the time has come for the Preaching of 7 churches of God.Especially Revelation 2:20-23 and Revelation 3:15-19 will be fulfilled.

23)This is the season of increase in Spiritual warfare.Certain forces of hell have been unleashed against human kind and the churches,ministries,individuals who are after name,fame and gain.The war will be manifested in the natural realm in the coming months between nations,sheep and goats,true and false church,the devil and his agents against the Lord JESUS CHRIST and  Angels of God.

24)The Year when the book of Daniel will be talked about,come alive and fulfilled.

25) Psalm 20 for individuals who are God fearing and Psalm 2 for the nations and people who are plotting evil,Proverbs 6:16,17 and Psalm 83 for Israel are going to be manifested.

26)Looting in malls,supermarkets,stores in different countries(shortage of food and scarcity of water).

27)Global Economic shaking is coming.

28)More blood shed in Europe and downfall of Euro.More countries will follow Britain(Brexit),plan to exit Euro like Italy,France,Greece and other countries.

29)Many Christians with outer court experience,(lukewarm) will suffer.Revelation  22:11,12 will be fulfilled.Wickedness will increase while those who are Holy and Righteous will become more Holy and Righteous.

30)All efforts for climate change will fail and there will be a false pact by the spirit of anti-Christ.

31)The spirit of anti-Christ(the false Prophet-the beast) will try to interfere the world events at various levels.

32)India too needs Prayers regarding terrorist attacks.Only Spirit filled Prayers and Intercessions can help the country.A Great shaking is coming in various areas of this nation.

But at the same time there will be many Great Discoveries and Inventions with the Wisdom of God in this great nation of India.Many countries shall look towards India for help and even investment shall increase.A Tremendous wave of Revival is about to sweep across this nation along with Opposition.Unity shall come among selfless believers with focus only on the Kingdom of God.House to House meetings shall increase.Many New ministers will rise up in the Prophetic Power of The HOLY SPIRIT.In many places there shall be changes in ministries with Young people taking over(with fullness of the Power of The HOLY SPIRIT and Wisdom of Heaven).

33)Israel-There are sure changes coming to Israel in the coming times and seasons.Israel’s trust will be betrayed.Jews will witness a mighty Revival.They will seek the True Savior.Prayer for Israel will increase all over the globe.Certain unexpected countries will support the cause of Israel.But violence will increase against the Jews.The countries voting against Israel will be dealt by the Lord.

34)This Year The Shepherd’s Rod and The Kings’ Scepter is going to Govern the Church and the nations respectively.

35)A Decision has been taken,A Decree has been made,it has been Declared in Heaven and now it will come to pass.

36)A part of China will suffer lot of damage.

37)There is a plan to unleash weapons of mass destruction(nuclear,chemical and biological).Only Prayer has held the cause till now.Real threat looms in the year 2017,2018 for the use of destructive weapons affecting the masses.

38)There are going to be mysterious occurrences in nature(e.g more marine creatures getting killed).

39)There is a collision of a space entity that will cause widespread damage on earth.Only prayer can avert that disaster and prevent the loss of lives.

My friends kindly Pray for the above points as the Lord leads You.

God willing to be continued…