Dear people of God,it was really shocking  to hear the home going(passing of) Br Kim Clement.He was a mighty man of an Almighty God and had an incredible Anointing upon his life.He touched the lives of so many people including other ministers,preachers and Government leaders in an unsual manner.The Prophetic Anointing on his life was a real Blessing for us here in India.Now he has been propmoted to his Heavenly abode.The mantle upon his life will fall upon many in these last days.

Today we also heard the news of death of Former Cuban leader Fiedel Castro.He was a great pioneer in spearheading Cuban nation in International arena.He was a great fighter for the Communist people.As already mentioned(foretold) in this site in Prophecy section about the death of Cuban leader,the fulfillment of Prophecy is really taking place fast.Now people will see great revival in all Communist nations including the former Soviet Union nations(Russia and its allies).

The coming months are the months of shaking for this world in every sphere.Every thing is coming in place for the final Revival to sweep across this nation and around the world.

Even America needs Prayer as the spirit of manipulation regarding the rulership is still there.We must pray that no Marshall law is imposed.We need to Pray against the spirit of confusion and deception and also against looting and rioting.Please pray as never before.May God help us in every way and area.