Spirit, Soul,Body

End Time Prophecies and Visions: End Time Prophecies and Visions: POWER OF YOUR MIND We are a Spirit,we have a soul and we live in a body.Many of us are aware of this truth.But having LORD JESUS in our Hearts is just the beginning of Salvation but not the end.Our minds must be Renewed as per Romans 12:1-2.Mind has so many questions,doubts and negativity in a normal human being because we live in the world swayed by the devil(Bible).It takes real Faith to have the Faith of God.Faith not only for earthly matters but Heavenly Things,the unseen real True world.Our Spirit,soul and body must come in one accord.The Word of God must Renew our old ways,traditions,rituals and thinking.Meditation on the Word will help but with Revelation from Heaven not logical reasoning).We sometimes assume or presume that it is God who is teaching everything that comes in mind or the interpretation we get after the reading the Word of God.Then we wait for confirmation.But Bible says HIS Sheep know HIS voice.We must spend Quiet time with the Lord(Psalm 46:10) to differentiate between the mind of God and the mind of the devil and our own mind.Our thoughts waver when we are quiet.But as our time grows at the feet of our Lord JESUS CHRIST we better get acquainted with HIS ways and Voice. Initially it may take some time,your body can resist your sitting and waiting quietly but as you ask for the help of the HOLY SPIRIT,GOD will help.