Lord has been gracious to reveal HIS word for the coming times and the seasons regarding various matters. We must remember that it is the sovereign will of the Lord to fulfill all HIS purposes and will and even to delay provided if people repent or disobey. The following word was revealed in parts to me and our dear prayer partner in the month of December. Kindly pray for the fulfillment of prophecies and promises of God. Following are few of the many points that God revealed through HIS Holy Spirit:-

  1. Every year God gives a particular alphabet in English that will be dominant in various circles. This is the year of I i.e. increase- great Increase for God’s people in various areas. Investments, insights into the spiritual realm, insights into the will of God, the impartation of gifts and mantles, implantation of the word of God. The word Immanuel will be revealed to HIS people as per Matthew 1:21-23. The revelation of the word “I AM“. The word I has to die this year. Infrastructure is going to improve in this nation. The income of God’s children shall be blessed. This is the year when immorality will increase in this world. Year to get divine strategies and instructions from heaven for the year 2020 and ahead. This year the spirit of intercession shall descend. This is the year to meditate the life of Prophet Isaac and the sons of Issachar. Book of Isaiah and Prophet Daniel will be manifested. Year of renewal of inner man, inner nature. Year of inheritance. Year when intentions are going to be weighed on by the Lord. Year when the spirit of religion will manifest and increase in many countries. Spirit of Judas Iscariot shall be exposed in the ministries. Intolerance will increase among many people in the world and even in the political arena. Spirit of intimidation needs to be expelled out.
  2. The focus will shift from this year onwards from church to kingdom mentality. People who make God’s and heaven’s kingdom their priority will be used by God with signs and wonders.
  3. This is the year of Isaiah 43:18, 19 and 44:3 to be fulfilled. All old things have passed away- your past failures, your past sins, your past dryness, your past emotions, your past events, and even your past experiences whether good or bad. Now a New thing will start. Lord will make rivers to flow in the deserts.
  4. Nature will speak and continue to be violent as per Romans 8:22-24
  5. The church of Sardis and Laodicea will be warned and made manifest. Their time is short if they don’t repent.
  6. Year to take right decisions in order to position yourself for the years ahead.
  7. This is the year for the Righteous and the humble to prosper. The blessing of the land shall be given in the next two years to many who will be used to build God’s kingdom.
  8. The wealth transfer will begin from this year onwards for the final reaping of the golden harvest of souls. his year will be a glimpse of the blessings that are to follow in the coming years.
  9. Year, when 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit are going to manifest through ordinary believers and in many the fruit of the Holy Spirit, is going to be cultivated from this year onwards.
  10. Lord has given many warning since 2013 in the skies, nature and in the waters’ but many have mocked and many have neglected while many failed to warn and prepare others, therefore when disaster strikes many will be unprepared and therefore many will perish. God hold HIS people, HIS church responsible.
  11. Change is coming for good in many lives in God’s kingdom.
  12. Year to prepare for the powers of the age to come.
  13. The spirit of anti-Christ will be on the rise in various circles of the world.
  14. The second letter to watch for is the word W for this year 2019 and 2020.  Watch for weather ptterns, wolves in the church, warfare, witchcraft exposed and destroyed. West will shake, wilderness to way, worship will rise to a new level, wishes will be fulfilled as per Psalm 20:4,5
  15. Preparation will intensify for the coming of the two Prophets as per Revelation 11


  1. At the International level focus will shift to Europe especially EU where there will be political changes and changes in the economy for the preparation of the spirit of anti-Christ and also the separation of Sheep and goat nations.
  2. Israel will move rapidly towards the fulfillment of the building of the third temple as per Micah 4:1 and Isaiah 2. Talks will increase among nations to allow Israel to build the third temple. In the coming two years many events will take place to fulfill this event.
  3. Anti-semitism will increase but Israel is the chosen one
  4. Sons of Ishmael will confront the sons of Israel in the coming times and the seasons.
  5. The hidden agenda of Russia and China will be manifest to dominate and conquer the nations. These two countries will gnash their teeth and try to cause fear against Israel and US. We must pray for Israel and America.
  6. Watch out for Turkey. Also, Australia, Japan, India, and America need a lot of prayers. There is a danger surrounding these nations from nature.
  7. I sensed the lion of Judah roaring, I perceived in my spirit – the lion of Judah roaring over the churches, from certain churches and against the enemies of the gospel.
  8. I heard a line-“Their pride will become their sorrow”
  9. Many who are rich would say and desire that it would have been better if they were not rich. Jeremiah 17:5-8 will be fulfilled.
  10. Many will stumble, fall down and leave the race.
  11. Many shocking, shaking, sudden and surprising events are waiting for the church and the world from 2019-2021
  12. Many more servants and children of God will be called into their eternal home and their mantles will descend upon this generation.
  13. Awakening will come among many churches
  14. False unity is coming among those who have strayed away from the truth and the way of the Lord but in the end, they will be divided and scattered.
  15. The power of the Holy Spirit will descend upon the women and the young children in a powerful way
  16. Many from the Catholic church will start revolting and be revived and will be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  17. The power of God will manifest and many unknown and unseen miracles will be seen and heard by the men and women of God who have been waiting on the Lord for a long time.
  18. The hunger for the Supernatural shall increase.

Lord revealed many more things, God willing would share in the next post and also what the Lord revealed to HIS prophets.