Being the citizens of heaven vs being in the army of GOD
My friends people are very happy to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and being only the citizens of HEAVEN.They are just satisfied being the citizens of Heaven.Even if they don’t know their role in the Kingdom,it doesn’t matter to them.But if we look from a worldly point of view,what is the difference between a citizen and the army of the same country?

The citizen has certain privileges being a native of that country,Govt takes care of many things.But the army is the one that protects the citizens and all concerned people of the country within that Geographical boundary,similarly in the Kingdom of Heaven,citizens do have different facilities and privileges but the Army of GOD is the one who talks to GOD and is always interceding and fighting for other citizens protection.According to The letter of Timothy the soldiers or the warriors do not entangle themselves in worldly affairs.They are just to please their army officer and their high command.The citizens are unaware of happenings on their border,they are just concerned about themselves, or their family and people around them,but the army carries the burden of whole country.In the same way,the army of the kingdom of GOD are totally surrendered to the will of GOD and they have insight into the Spiritual Realm.They know what is happening,where it is happening in the Spiritual Realm.They enjoy extra special Privileges being in the army of GOD.As the worldly army enjoys extra privileges so does the army in the Kingdom of GOD.They directly have intimacy with the Govt i.e. with LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF.As the citizens are unaware of the activities of the enemy, so their lives are also uncertain.They are prone to the enemy who intrudes the borders to attack them,they are an easy pray unless there is protection all around them but the army is trained and equipped legally with all warfare weapons.They are aware of the enemy’s strategy and plan and move accordingly.They are responsible for themselves and for their country.Similarly the citizens of the kingdom of GOD are prone to the attack of the enemy unless they are protected by the angels of GOD and the Blood of LORD JESUS CHRIST(if they walk under the rules of the Kingdom).
The army can be called even after the retirement if in situation of emergency,they are always busy.But the citizens the don’t know their role always.The army undergoes training and is well disciplined,but citizens do not undergo any hardship or training,they only know certain rules of the country and have to abide with that.My friends the enemy always watches to attack when the country is weak or is undefended,a citizen cannot walk in Victory if the army is absent,so it happens in the Kingdom of GOD,if we are in the army of GOD,yes there is danger of life but you are well equipped and privileged to be representatives of the country and bear the Proud Flag of the KINGDOM OF LORD JESUS CHRIST.
You realize or not but you are in a warfare whose victory was won on the CROSS By our LORD JESUS CHRIST.But you have to go through the process.It is up-to you to decide which way to go i.e. are you citizen/ or a part of the end time army of GOD

Last Days Army is divided into three parts:

1) Joshua’s Army
2)Gideon’s Army
3)Joel’s Army


Joshua’s Army is the one who followed the Ark of The Covenant and reached the Promised Land,won the war on their way,captured or gained all the Territory from the enemy and we’re Equipped from Heaven.They were lead by The Lord,an obedient warrior generation.Joshua and Caleb lead from the front.Joshua 1 clearly reveals that how God told Joshua to be bold enough,courageous and God was with Joshua and Israelites.We also see nature Obeying this Prophet of God that is signs happened in the skies (when the Sun had to Obey).
My Dear friends similarly in the last days our Lord JESUS CHRIST is preparing and raising up this generation who is ready to reach the Promised Land,take back the lost Territory from the enemy and are getting Equipped to fight for last day Spiritual warfare.Joshua had the Mentor Prophet Moses who initially taught Joshua how to stay and wait in the Presence of the Lord.Joshua was the one later ordained by Moses to lead from the front and complete the race that Moses started.
In these Las days The Spiritual Father’s and Mentors must lead sel-lessely from the front and train the new generation that will finish the task and responsibilities the final Golden Harvest.Many saints,Prophets,Apostles have been Promoted and left for Glory days,week,months,years back.Now the seed down by them have turned into Golden Harvest.This Final Generation like Prophet Joshua will carry that mantle and have the Presence of God,mentorship to complete the race and Reap the final Golden Harvest.


This will be second of its kind in HIS KINGDOM.Let us see few points regarding this end time Army of God.Judges 6:3,4 There is a Fight to uproot the Good seed.My friends Satan will come up against the Goodness done by The People of God over the weeks,months,years.Matthew’s Gospel clearly states that there is a fight,war in the Kingdom of Heaven to take back our Possession. Ephesians 6 teaches us that our warfare is against the devil and his team.So this army will wage a war against the devil to take back Spiritual and Physical Territory.
Judges 6:8-A Prophetic Army will be raised up(Part of Joel’s Army),to prepare the Gideons’ Army.This we will see later.
Gideon was working in Harvest field that is This Army will comprise of soul saving generation.These are The Harvesters in God’s Kingdom.
Verse 12 clearly states that this is a Fearless Army and Full of Courage.They will be ready to be Martyrs for the Lord JESUS CHRIST.
A company of Martyr’s will arise in these last days.
Verse 12 also states that An Angel visited to Guide,so this Army will have Heavenly host to Guide them,Accompany this Army.They will be given insight into the Spiritual Realm to see,witness The Angels,Saints and Heavenly hosts for divine Guidance.
Verse 16 shows they will have The Presence of the Most High God with them.
Verse 17 States,they will have God’s Favour on their life.
Verse 19 States that Unleavened Bread/cake…i.e. Army free from contamination,politics,hypocrisy,corruption of the world
Verse 20 states Foundation is on the ROCK i.e LORD JESUS CHRIST.This end-time Army will be CHRIST Focused.
Verse 23-They will have The Peace of God.Peace is the Weapon of the End Time Army of GOD.
Verse 24-Built an Altar.There lives are totally surrendered at the Feet of their Master.
Verse 25-This Gideon Army had Direct Confrontation with The Enemy i.e The Spirit Of Baal.
Same thing will happen again.The Last Days Army will have Elijah’s Anointing to Fight The Spirit of baal.

Verse 34-THE HOLY SPIRIT will Cloth this Gods’ Army with HIMSELF.Hallelujah
Verse 34-They also had Trumpets in their hands.Last days Army will sound The Trumpet of Battle,Judgment and Victory.
Judges 7:2-6-“Chosen,Faithful.Handful” people will be used to Conquer.
My friends we are in the last days battle whose Victory was won on the Cross by our Father LORD JESUS CHRIST on the CROSS 2000 Years ago.
Verse 15 states that God will Supernaturally give them Insight into the Enemies Strategy.They will be guided by GOD HIMSELF


“And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions.
29 And also on My menservants and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days…”-Joel 2:28,29

The third in the Group is Joel’s Prophetic army.If we notice above verse it mentions the word…”afterward” that is the end of the endtimes…Holy Spirit will be poured upon all flesh…
Revelation 10:11New King James Version (NKJV)
11 And he[a] said to me, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.”
My friends before the Coming of our Lord JESUS CHRIST,This Prophetical Anointing will be Poured upon all.There are many Realms of Prophetic Anointing.It is such a vast Subject to be covered but is the most essential part to be the Mouthpiece of GOD.To Prophecy and to be A Prophet of GOD are two different Aspects.
Rev 10:11 clearly states that we have to Prophesy again about and in all sheres of Life to bring Final Revival on this Earth.
GOD is raising this company to Prepare the Way of the LORD,for HIS REVIVAL,FOR POWERS OF THE AGE TO COME,FOR RAPTURE,FOR GIDEON’S ARMY(as mentioned above).
To Prophesy we need The Spiritual 5 Senses to be Activated-Spiritual Eyesight,Spiritual Ears,Spiritual Smell,Spiritual Taste,Spiritual Touch(sensation)
The Gift of the WORD OF WISDOM,GIFT OF THE WORD OF KNOWLEDGE,GIFT OF DISCERNING OF SPIRITS are vital associative Parts in the Life of a Prophet
The above are the Three End Time Armies of GOD.Hopefully GOD Gives us The Grace to be the Part of any of the above according to the Calling on our Lives.Let the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Be MANIFESTED and MAGNIFIED throughout the Earth and our LIVES.