My dear friends,we are certainly living in the end times.Very soon Isaiah 60 will be fulfilled in the lives of the people. Joel 2:28,29,Revelation 10:11 and Haggai 2:6-9 will soon be manifested.

People will be saved in large numbers and so will the wealth transfer take place.People will see the glory of God.Kings and Princes of the nations shall come to the light of the people of God.Holy Spirit will open the Spiritual eyes of millions to see the Lord JESUS CHRIST face to face. Mantles of Prophets’ and Apostles shall fall upon this generation. Signs,wonders and miracles shall increase in an unprecedented way. South India shall be the hub of revival and it shall spread across the Northern region and then into all the world.Healing wave shall sweep across many regions and territorial anointing shall be released to take large pieces of land by the people of God. Whatever the earlier generations have lost, this final generation of the Lord shall reap.Sons of God shall be made manifest for which the earth groans in expectation as per Romans 8:20 on-wards.

Get ready my friends for the final move of the Holy Spirit.Lord JESUS CHRIST shall confirm HIS word as per Mark 16:20 and Hebrews 2:4.

Pray and prepare. God loves you.JESUS is coming