If we really are the sheep of the LORD JESUS CHRIST(as claimed and proclaimed by all),then why is there difference of opinions,teachings,doctrines,nature,habits,attitude,preaching among different believers and Christians. Then why people are confused in so many matters.They are indecisive and often are unable to recognize the voice and nature of GOD,HIS SON LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.They don’t know whether it is the LORD JESUS speaking(HEAVENLY FATHER) or their own mind and flesh or the devil.Self-satisfying doctrines have come up to have a short-cut to the HEAVENLY FATHER.People need so many confirmations to know the voice and the will of GOD.Even though they claim to be HIS SHEEP AND HIS CHILDREN.

Instead of dealing with the devil and his wicked schemes and expelling it out or identifying and rejecting his deeds and works they reject other believers,expel them out.Instead of Spiritual warfare (which they deny to be a part of)they fight against one another.This is just a sorry site and the trap of the devil.

The arrogance and pride have replaced the Gentleness and Meekness in The Revelation of received from Heaven.Logical reasoning and feel good mentality has replaced the Revelation of God from HEAVEN.

LORD JESUS CHRIST was and is Humble even after being Omnipotent,Omnipresent and Omniscient GOD.Yes it is True that LORD JESUS won the victory on THE CROSS and gave us Eternal Victory over the devil.But Revelation 11 and 12 clearly states that last days end time Prophetic Army of GOD will again face war.Whether we accept it or not but pretty soon it will be visible when the manifestation takes place.Our denial cannot change the Truth.

LORD revealed to one of HIS PROPHETS’ recently by Directly sending an Angel who told That man of GOD that “the war is real and the threat is real

Yes the war is real,the threat is real but the Good News is LORD JESUS WON THE VICTORY and is on OUR SIDE.Only those who are Resting in the secret place of The MOST HIGH will walk in the Victory and maintain the Victory.

We remember LORD JESUS AS THE LION OF JUDAH BUT LORD JESUS IS ALSO THE LAMB OF GOD WHO WAS SLAIN.We must become The LAMB then The Lion of Judah is going to be manifested.The book of Revelation emphasizes the fact the nature of the lamb more than the Lion of Judah.

After all we must Remember we are HIS Sheep first

“I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me”John 10:14.Yes LORD JESUS knows HIS OWN people and HIS people(sheep)know HIM.

The word of GOD Teaches us that Gods’ people(HIS SHEEP)know HIS voice.

My dear Brothers and Sisters we are living in an unprecedented time.The time is already here that GOD is about to separate The Sheep and the goats.

Ezekiel 34:17 says

“As for you, My flock, thus says the Lord GOD, ‘Behold, I will judge between one sheep and another, between the rams and the male goats.”

Yes both these things will happen now in the coming months.

Sheep from goats and sheep from sheep are going to be separated.

20 Therefore thus says the Lord God to them: Behold, I, I Myself, will judge between fat sheep and impoverished sheep, or fat goats and lean goats.-Yes the fat from the lean will be separated.

21 Because you push with side and with shoulder and thrust with your horns all those that have become weak and diseased, till you have scattered them abroad,

The above verses clearly teach us that the fat ones have caused much harm to the weak ones.Now,therefore GOD will intervene to separate the two all over the world.Without their knowledge,they will be separated.Even The True church will be sanctified and will be separated from the false ones.There will be two parallel’s in these last days.The church knowing,walking with GOD in Fullness of The WORD,REVELATION,DEMONSTRATION AND MANIFESTATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.Grounded on The Rock.Leading from the front in the Army of GOD.Walking in the True 5 FOLD ministry,The Fruit of The HOLY SPIRIT,The 9 GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT,THE 7 SPIRITS OF GOD,preparing the world for the final move of GOD to reap the Golden Harvest and Preparing for The coming persecution,tribulation and the coming Revival and The Rapture,The Second coming of LORD JESUS CHRIST,The coming Millennium reign and The New Jerusalem.

  On the other hand the false church will rise up in false doctrines with counterfeit spirit,perverse spirit,walking in false signs,wonders and miracles.Doctrinal pride and opposing The Prophets,will have mass following,condemning the Truth,will oppose Repentance,will oppose self-denial and carrying the Cross.Seeing the Gospel as a means to gain.Representing half truth.Unaware of the times,coming times and season and coming disasters,persecutions,loving themselves and money.

Misleading the people.Arguing with false knowledge,puffed up,misleading others.They will focus on Blessing,Prosperity and positivism with their doctrine spreading like wild-fire.People will feel Good in such churches but they won’t seek The FACE OF LORD JESUS CHRIST or SPIRITUAL SENSES,but will be satisfied with done work of The CROSS,not more than that,The words of JESUS CHRIST before going to the Cross will be less emphasized,The Old Testament being less Emphasized but building their doctrine on just a portion of New Testament.Being deceived and deceiving others.




Therefore God is going to make a clear distinction between the two within the church.Many spirit filled Christians will be mislead and will fall away from the Faith.Falling away will come first.Many will  back-slide and many will think that they are right because of the counterfeit miracles happening.But Matthew 7:21-24 clearly states that only those who are having the solid foundation in LORD JESUS CHRIST and those who are walking in the will of GOD will enter The Kingdom of HEAVEN and not all.

The next level of separation is between the World and the Body of CHRIST,i.e Sheep and the goats.

This happened in the days of Moses when Israelite’s were separated from the Egyptians.LORD JESUS will prove HIMSELF as a LIVING GOD.The Remnant of GOD will walk as per GODS’ Guidance.They will walk with GOD like Enoch.