Many people of God have prayed and prophecied since this coronavirus (COVID-19) began. Even scientists have propagated various theories regarding the origin of coronavirus in 2019. For some people in the world, it is just like another epidemic or flu while most of the world is having a new pandemic with a new wave of fear.

My friends being in the Lord for so many years, we have never witnessed such a time as this. This is just the beginning of various coming calamities and viruses in the world(as per scientists and as well as the Bible). God is His great mercy has granted time to humanity for repentance. Many have the opportunity to spend time with their family while others to introspect their lives. Some people are praying but not getting answered. It seems that the time of the plague is fixed as it happened during the time of Prophet Moses in Egypt in the book of Exodus. Some say it is the devil while others say it is God’s judgment. It means a certain group doesn’t know the source of the virus. Our prayer has to be in the right direction, where God can lead us to the right path. Signs of the times are prevalent

My dear friends let us prepare for the coming times and the seasons, we are in the generation of the harvest of the Lord and as well as preparation of the greatest ever revival on earth. Isaiah 60 will come live in this time and season. Pray, Pray, Pray. Our father Lord JESUS CHRIST is coming very soon.

The true peace and deliverance from fear comes only through Lord JESUS CHRIST.

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