Well many people don’t know the Identity or the person of the HOLY SPIRIT. There are few people think that FATHER is Superior and HOLY SPIRIT is not same as FATHER. My friends if we read Genesis 1:2

The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.
THE HOLY SPIRIT was always there since the beginning, HE is none other than GOD Himself. As one great man of God gives this symbolic understanding of Father, Son, Holy Spirit as:-

The Sun has two components other than itself i.e. Light and Heat so does the Father has two other forms than HIMSELF i.e. The Son LORD JESUS CHRIST (when God came in flesh),and The HOLY SPIRIT(in Spirit form).The Light is Lord JESUS CHRIST and the Heat is compared to the HOLY SPIRIT. One man of God compares God to water existing in three states i.e. solid, liquid and vapour form, so does God is Triune but still one. HE cannot be considered as three but HE is the same GOD manifesting HIMSELF in three ways. It is the HOLY SPIRIT that performs or manifests the mind and fulfills the will of God on earth. HOLY SIRIT is the very Breath of GOD(Ru-ah).In simple words God in flesh is JESUS and God in Spirit is HOLY SPIRIT.

HOLY SPIRIT manifests HIMSELF in various ways in the scripture. HE is known as the The Spirit of Truth(John 14:17),The Spirit of JESUS,The Spirit of GOD,The Spirit of Glory (1 Peter 4:14),The Spirit of Grace(Zechariah 12:10),The Helper(John 14:16,26),The Comforter(Acts 9:31),Omnipotent(Luke 1:35),Omniscient(1 Corinthians 2:10,11),Omnipresent(Psalm 139:7-13),The Eternal Spirit(Hebrews 9:14),Same as God(Acts 5:3,4),Joined with The Father and The Son Lord JESUS CHRIST(Matthew 28:19,2 Corinthians 13:14),Who makes us New Creation(John 3:3,8),helps us in our weaknesses(Romans 8:26),Is grieved(Ephesians 4:30),Creates(Job 33:4 and Ezekiel 37:1-10),Renews (Isaiah 32:15),Anointing source(Luke 4:18,Acts 10:38),Convicts people(John 16:8-11),source of deliverance(Matthew 12:28),Has Resurrection power(Romans 8:11),Justifies(1 Timothy 3:16),Source of the Scriptures(2 Timothy 3:16),source of the Gifts( 1 Corinthians 12:3-12),source of Fruit(Galatians 5:22,23),manifested in many Anointings/forms/ways(Isaiah 11:2),Transforms us into HIS Witness(Acts 1:8),Results in Prophecy, Visions, Dreams(Joel 2:28,29,Acts 2:17)

1)Fire-Ezekiel 8:2-3
2)Water-John 7:38-39,Psalms 46:4
3)Oil-Psalm 92:10
4)Rain-Hosea 6:3
5)Wind-Acts 2:1-4
6)Cloud-Exodus 33:9
7)Dove-Matthew 3:16
8)Rainbow-Revelation 4:1-3
9)Tempest of hail-Isaiah 28:2
10)Dew-Hosea 14:5

My friends God is the source of every good thing.HE is addressed by different figurative names in Bible. Basically these are not the names but the Revelations of God. Few of them are:-
1)Ancient of days-Daniel 7:9,13,22
2)Father of Lights-James 1:17
3)Father of Glory-Ephesians 1:17
4)I AM-Exodus 3:14
5)Eternal God-Deuteronomy 33:27
6)Living God-Joshua 3:10
7)God of hosts-Psalm 80:7
8)Almighty God-Genesis 17:1,2
9)Heavenly Father-Matthew 6:26
10)Holy one of Israel-Isaiah 43:3,14,15

12 Revelations/Names of GOD

Elohim-“Creator”-Genesis 1:1
Jehovah or Yahweh-“my Lord God”-Genesis 2:7,Isaiah 26:4
El Shaddai-“God Almighty, my Supply, my nourishment”-Genesis 17:1-6
Adonai-“Master and Lord”/ownership-Genesis 18:2
Jehovah Jireh-“the Lord my Provider” and “my vision”(Genesis 22:7)
Jehovah Rophe-“the Lord who heals”-(Exodus 15:26)
Jehovah Nissi-“the Lord my Victory”-Exodus 17:15
Jehovah Mikkadesh-“the Lord my Sanctifier”-Exodus 31:12-13
Jehovah Tsidkenu-“the Lord my Righteousness”-Jeremiah 23:5-6
Jehovah Shalom-“the Lord my Peace”-Judges 6:24
Jehovah Rohi-“my Shepherd”-Genesis 48:15,49:24,Psalm 23:1
Jehovah Shammah-“His Abiding Presence”-Ezekiel 48:35

There are many names mentioned in Bible depicting the very nature of LORD JESUS CHRIST. It’s a long list but few of them are mentioned below, hope this helps the reader:-

1)Second Adam-1 Corinthians 15:45-47
2)Advocate-1 John 2:1
3)Wonderful-Isaiah 9:6
5)Mighty God-Isaiah 9:6
6)Everlasting Father-Isaiah 9:6
7)Prince of Peace-Isaiah 9:6
8)Alpha and Omega-Revelation 9:11
9)Amen-Revelation 3:14
10)Bread of Life-John 6:35
11)Lamb-Revelation 13:8
12)Living Bread-John 6:51
13)Man of Sorrows-Isaiah 53:3
14)Rock- 1 Corinthians 10:4
15)Root of David-Revelation 22:16
16)Sun of Righteousness-Malachi 4:2
17)True vine-John 15:1
18)Redeemer-Isaiah 43:14
19)Saviour-2 Peter 2:20
20)Firstborn of Creation-Colossians 1:15