My Dear friends,Lord Jesus Christ performed so many miracles in the Bible.One-third of HIS ministry was only related to healing the sick.People came to Lord JESUS in large numbers for various reasons,but most of them came to HIM for HIS Divine Healing Touch.Bible says Lord JESUS CHRIST is the same yesterday,today and forever(Hebrews 13:8).The same God Lord JESUS CHRIST who healed the sick two thousand years ago is still doing the same.HE told HIS believers in Mark 16:18 that believers shall hands on the sick and they shall recover.Lord JESUS gave authority to HIS people in HIS name.

It is the nature of Lord JESUS CHRIST to heal the sick. The leper came to Lord JESUS in Mark 1:40-42 and asked Lord JESUS CHRIST whether HE was willing to heal him or not?Lord JESUS said HE was willing to heal.HE stretched out HIS hand to touch the leper and healed him.

Bible is full of such healing miracles.But my friends this is just the first step.There is something more to it,there is always a reason that JESUS heals HIS people.Yes it is sure that GOD is Love and HIS Love and compassion compels HIM to heal HIS people.But John 9:3 says the sickness that was to manifest the work of GOD in him(healing of blind man).

Lord JESUS commissioned HIS people to heal the sick but these days the preachers focus on the physical healing and forget the greater part.If only bodily healing is the priority then what is the difference between the doctors and the evangelists?My friends the Gifts of healings’ as mentioned in the bible is for God’s glory alone.No man can take credit for that.Healing is just the beginning of a deeper work of the HOLY SPIRIT.Healing is a gateway or the door of the manifestation of the Glory of God in the Spirit.Bodily healing is just one component of Salvation.

Man is a Spirit,he has a soul and lives in a body.There are many people with internal hurts and emotional factors too.Soul has wounds and offenses that need to be healed.The mind too needs renewal and regeneration by the washing of HIS SPIRIT.

Many people come in the meetings and get healed,go back and then forget Lord JESUS CHRIST.Some people come only for prayers or only for their works to be done or only to get healed.Even after getting healed they use their bodies for addictions and various lusts.They are fascinated by this amazing gift of healing.They seek healing and not the Healer,they seek deliverance and not the deliverer.My friends it is the job of the preachers to preach and teach such a Gospel that is complete.It is the job of the believers to teach that JESUS is not only a healer or deliverer but HE is The way,The Truth and The Life.Lord JESUS taught the people for full three days before performing the miracle of multiplication of food for the thousands that came.Our body is the visible portion of our being and it is so dominant and ruling over an individuals life that a person forgets his/her true identity.Lord JESUS wants to heal Spirit,Soul,Mind and body.The Samaritan lady that came to JESUS in John 4 was taught beautifully by the Lord when HE talked about the Living water i.e. The HOLY SPIRIT.Bible says in Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the Kingdom of GOD and HIS Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Spiritual edification is a must.Seek the Healer more than the healing,seek the Deliverer instead of deliverance,seek the Redeemer instead of redemption i.e JESUS CHRIST.

When we take the name of JESUS CHRIST to use believer’s authority what does this mean?The name JESUS means “The Saviour”(Savior) and CHRIST means “The Anointed”.So my friends whenever we proclaim the name of JESUS we automatically proclaim Salvation(the one who saves from sins) .Body of Lord JESUS CHRIST was broken for our healing but HIS Blood was shed for our forgiveness from sins.People may get bodily healing but still loose salvation and miss Heaven.But God heals the sick so as to provide an opportunity to save HIS Soul and Spirit part for eternity.The ultimate aim of Lord JESUS CHRIST is to transform us into HIS image and likeness(the original way we were created and destined by God).That can be only be done when a person repents of his/her sins and surrenders his/her life to The Father Lord JESUS CHRIST.Bible says that even the Angels in Heaven rejoice over one single soul that repents on earth or is saved on earth  by the power of The Most High God.

We are not just here to introduce bodily benefits or bodily healing by Lord JESUS CHRIST  but much more than that i.e the salvation of souls,transformation of Spirit and renewal of minds so as to reflect the nature of Lord JESUS CHRIST in this world.God bless You.