The following are the latest Prophetical utterances given to the people of God:-

  • The coming months are the months of great acceleration, transition and breakthroughs for those who have been waiting on God and praying to HIM for past so many months.
  • There will be literal wars around the world. The confrontation and activities in the middle-east will increase from this year on wards.
  • Kindly pray for the peace of Jerusalem urgently.
  • People especially the youth of this country will be given new innovative ideas and even entrepreneurs are going to rise up in this nation in the coming times and seasons and the name of the Lord JESUS CHRIST will be spread across the world very fast.
  • Men and women of God will rise up from this country to travel around the world to demonstrate the power of God.
  • There is coming to be a breakthrough in medical field to treat incurable diseases by the grace of Lord JESUS CHRIST.
  • Solar power, solar cells, solar plates i.e. use of solar energy will increase rapidly in the coming times in our country India and around the world.
  • Natural disasters will shake the world after Jerusalem is divided as per Zech 14:1-4 and Zech 1:12-16.
  • Cashless transaction will rapidly replace the former monetary system in India and around the world.
  • Persecution will increase across this country and many nations in an unprecedented manner, this will happen so that the company of martyrs and Prophets is raised up for these end times to prepare the way of the Lord, on the other hand people false churches (having false teaching and false signs,wonders and miracles) will grow for a time but Lord will discipline and deal with those who have turned HIS house of prayer, HIS temple into a den of robbers.
  • Sanctification is coming across all sections, beginning from the house of God. House meetings and house prayer groups will increase rapidly to start an end time move of prayer to birth revival in India and across the nations.
  • The prophecies of ancient times by the Prophets and Apostles in bible and at other times will come to pass. This is the year of beginning of fulfillment of Prophecies in various spheres.

Kindly pray for the above mentioned points. Prayer is an important key for the fulfillment of prophecies. God bless you.