All Glory to THE FATHER GOD, LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THE PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT who gave us this Grace to start this website and put in the content for the edification of those who read. There are special ones who really encouraged me with their valuable advice on this website and also by God’s Grace have added their Prophecies and visions on this website. I am Grateful to God for their continuous love, support and prayers. God bless them abundantly for their tireless effort.
The purpose of this website is just to encourage people to fulfill the call of GOD on their lives, also to assist people to be prepared for the coming final Revival of THE HOLY SPIRIT, to seek The LORD JESUS CHRIST, to be equipped and be edified as a part of the body of CHRIST, to be prepared for The coming events, The Rapture, The Millennium reign of our LORD JESUS CHRIST on earth and the New Jerusalem. Valuable teachings from people of God have been added without mentioning their names and in future too God willing much more will be added for God’s Glory alone. Your suggestion, Prophecies, Visions are always welcome (which will be reviewed by the men and women of God, prayed over and as per God’s guidance will be posted further). The Prayer Requests of the people are always welcome. We are always there to pray and intercede to God on behalf of HIS people. GOD Loves HIS people, is willing to wipe away the tears of HIS people.
We herby believe in The FATHER, The SON AND The HOLY SPIRIT, The True living God, the way, the Truth and the Life and The Light, who are the Author and Finisher of Faith. We believe in THE Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven. We believe in 1 Timothy 3:16-“God was manifested in the Flesh, vindicated by The Spirit, seen by the Angels, proclaimed among the nations, believed on in the world, taken up in Glory.”
We believe in The God of Old Testament and The New Testament. We Trust and believe that God created Heaven and Earth and from Genesis to Revelation, all chapters are True. God is the God of The Prophets in the Old Testament and HE is The Great I AM even in the New Testament. He is the God of Apostles and those who believed in HIM and those who are going to believe in HIM(LORD JESUS CHRIST).HE is the same yesterday, today and forever(Hebrews 13:8) We believe in Apostle’s creed that LORD JESUS CHRIST was born of virgin Mary after The HOLY SPIRIT came on her and came as human being, Son of God, The Great Messiah. HE performed Great Miracles among the people. HE bore our sins on the CROSS, shed HIS Blood for all, died for all, was buried and then rose again the Third day. HE appeared to HIS Disciples and ascended on high (Heaven) and was seated at the Right hand side of GOD THE FATHER. We also believe that as per Bible there is a HEAVEN and there is a hell. HE is the sooner coming KING. We believe in Reading, Meditating the WORD OF GOD(BIBLE),Praying all kinds of Prayer as per The WORD OF GOD, Worshipping GOD in the Spirit. Praying for Israel, for own nation and for every individual who is need of Genuine prayers (irrespective of caste, creed, religion, background).Man looks at the face but God looks at the height.
We believe that LORD JESUS CHRIST is bigger than denominational boundaries, way beyond than religion. We believe that God is Love. It is way more important to have Relationship with God. We believe in The Gifts of THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Grace of LORD JESUS CHRIST, The Love of GOD THE FATHER, The Fellowship of THE HOLY SPIRIT(2 Corinthians 13:14).We believe in The Fruit Of The HOLY SPIRIT. We believe in the five fold ministry in the church. We believe in The Fellowship of the Saints. We also believe in The Foundation of Repentance from the dead works and of Faith toward God and of instruction about washings, the laying on of hands, expelling out demons, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment, the powers of the Age to come, The Heavenly Gift and The Angels of God and saints in Glory.