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End Time Prophecies and Visions: End Time Prophecies and Visions: motives and intentions-My friends God looks at our Motives and Intentions in every thing we do.Whether it be Good works for the Lord,charity,Prayers,Preaching,Testimony,Teaching the Word,Worshiping the Lord,talking sweetly to the people,handling of money,handling the affairs in the Job,Church,ministry,family,counselling anything.Our works are going to be tested with Fire.If it was just giving money to the poor then all the rich people would have gone to Heaven because they are eligible and they do all the charity and give donations.But let us remember the story of Rich man and the Lazarus.Man looks at the face but God looks at the Heart.As the Letter of James tells us that we are even partial in the church while dealing with the poor and the needy and we differentiate between the rich and the poor.We pray much for those who give tithes and offerings while those who cannot afford to give we ignore.My friends it is True we should not be exploited or misused or abused but we need to Prayerfully consider the people in totality.There are people with different Gifts in the church,we need to encourage them.Pray and choose people without partiality.If we are jealous from inside then God is our Judge, A Kingdom minded personality has to be reflected in every respect.Let us search our motives in everything we do.Self denial is a must.Then Carrying the Cross and following Lord JESUS CHRIST with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT.Name,fame and gain are not from the Lord.Only HIS (JESUS) name be Glorified in every way.