Dear brothers and sisters God is a good God. As we were praying recently, Lord JESUS CHRIST our Father in HIS compassion revealed certain points for the coming year 2018 as per the feasts of the Lord. We have entered into an unprecedented season. On 23rd September a visible sign will be evident over Israel(Jerusalem). This is a direct sign as mentioned in the book of Revelation 12. Changes are coming around the world and in the church following that sign. Genesis 1:14 talks about the signs in the heavens. We shall discuss this in another article God willing. Following are some of the many things that Lord graciously revealed to the team of intercessors. All prophecies are subject to prayer, obedience, disobedience and moreover the sovereign will of God. HIS love and compassion can change anything and everything. Let us all pray for God’s plan to be fulfilled.

  1. The year 5778 (2018) is the year of the mighty Visitation of the Lord. The Lord will visit HIS people (those waiting on HIM) with HIS anointing and power while those who are lukewarm and who are mocking at HIM and misusing HIS church, HE will visit with a whip and a rod in HIS hand.
  2. Outer court Christians will forsake the Lord or suffer in various ways.
  3. The year to humble ourselves and seek the Lord JESUS CHRIST like never before.
  4. Natural disasters will be on the rise and will impact the atmosphere of the earth.
  5. The year of N i.e. New things, New wine,New anointing,New laws, New Governments, New birth, New manifestation of the Holy Spirit, New Projects being fulfilled.The word New will be heard.
  6.  The prophecies given in the book of Prophet Joel, Zechariah, Daniel, Nehemiah, Nahum, Ezekiel, Amos will be fulfilled.People will remember the minor Prophets of the Old Testament.
  7. God will when Israel will be on the world’s agenda. Israel needs lot of prayers.
  8. Hospitals will be flooded because of some calamity and diseases spreading across the earth.
  9. Literal wars will take place around the world.
  10. The year of Justice for individuals, churches and nations.
  11. The year of Joseph’s mantle coming upon many around the world i.e. to prepare the world for HIS coming and also honor like Joseph.
  12. A spiritual awakening is coming around the world regarding the second coming of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.
  13. Brand new laws will be passed against Christians in many countries.
  14. The grip and the spirit of the anti- Christ will increase in many areas including politics,economy,religion.
  15. The cities of Delhi, Los Angeles,Sydney, Paris, Berlin and New York need prayers.
  16. This is time to live in Psalm 91 and 121.
  17. Year of great and divine light from heaven. Isaiah 60:1,2 will be evident.
  18. The clear line of division between Sheep and the goats will be manifested.
  19. Year of divine provision for God’s people who are genuinely seeking and waiting on the Lord.
  20. The year to do exploits for the Lord as per Daniel 11:32
  21. An army of youth is rising up to shake the world with the power of the Holy Spirit.
  22. Very soon the two Prophetical anointing will be poured as per Revelation 11 around the world and especially in Asian regions of Australia, Philippines, India and Australia.
  23. The year when talks of peace will increase (false peace) between the nations and religions.
  24. Seven Prophetical years starting .
  25. Very soon the time of Jacob’s trouble will be manifested.
  26. Persecution and tribulation will increase, with that the Glory of the Lord will be poured around the world.
  27. Signs, wonders and miracles will increase on every step.
  28. Major deception coming around the world as per 2 Thessalonians 2:2,3 and 1 Thessalonians 5:3 and many will be lead astray.
  29. The time of acceleration of events around the world and also Prophetical fulfillment.
  30. Solar power projects and electric cars will increase around the world.Lord has revealed many more things to HIS people, will post in the coming articles. Kindly pray for the above points. God bless you, to be continued God willing…