My Dear Brothers and Sisters

God made man(Adam) in HIS own image and likeness.GOD used to communicate with man everyday.HE used to visit man in the cool of the day to talk to man.But after sin man was separated from the Presence of God and he lost that initial relationship with God.But GOD as habitual (as usual) came and visited man to talk to him but alas man(Adam and Eve) hid himself/themselves from direct communication(meeting) with God. God was still interested to commune with man.The basic essence of creating the man was lost just because of sin.It is the basic nature of God to speak and commune with man.HE so loves to talk that HE established HIS WORD for eternity.HE loves to have fellowship with man that HE gave 1189 chapters in the form of Bible and spoke to man for past 2000 years through this blessed,most published book.In fact the basic reason for God creating man was to have fellowship with man and to share HIS Love with man.

God sent HIS only begotten Son to die for all of us on the Cross(John 3:16) to save us and re-establish the lost relationship and communication with man.The very basic reason Lord calls us and chooses us is not just doing HIS ministry but to have intimate relationship and fellowship with God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

When God choose HIS disciples in Mark 3:13-15  it is written that God choose the twelve for first of all to spend time with HIM(JESUS) and that HE might send them to preach the Gospel and then Heal the sick and deliver the people.My friends the first thing is to spend time with Lord JESUS CHRIST.This is our primary call.Then comes the call of the ministry.It is Lord JESUS who will decide where to preach,when to preach and how to preach.HE will confirm HIS Word with signs,wonders and miracles.But first HE wants us to spend time at HIS feet.When Lord JESUS went to dine at Lazarus home,Mary was sitting at the feet of JESUS listening to what HE was teaching and JESUS said in Luke 10:42-“But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part,which will not be taken away from her.”

Prophets Moses,Enoch,Daniel and Elijah are some of the good examples from the Old Testament and Apostles like Peter,James,John and St Paul spent much time at the feet of the Lord JESUS CHRIST.They knew that their Power house was only The Precious Holy Spirit.Yes Dwelling in HIS Secret place is the key as per Psalm 91:1,2 and Psalm 27:4,5.

Sometimes when Lord calls us we are so much busy in the ministry that we forget the essence of true purpose of our selection.It is HIS call.HIS ministry.HIS Kingdom.Lord told and prophesied to Apostle Peter that JESUS will build HIS Church…Yes it is all about JESUS.When Lord JESUS sat at Lord’s Supper HE told HIS disciples that HE was eagerly desiring to have Supper with HIS disciples.

To have fellowship with the Heavenly Father is our Primary call while ministry is our secondary call.Both are important.But waiting at the feet of the Lord to listen to HIM,talk to HIM is our Priority.First Adam lost intimate relationship with the Father and as result lost the Glory of God but Lord JESUS through HIS death and Resurrection reconciled us to The Father and in turn the lost intimacy and fellowship with God.That privilege in The Old Testament was given to very few Prophets like Abraham,Enoch,Moses,Daniel but in new testament this privilege is available for everyone.Joel 2:28,29 Lord will pour out HIS HOLY SPIRIT on all flesh,this will result in Visions,dreams and Prophetical anointing.Matthew 6:33 says that Seeking the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness is our Priority.My friends let us all focus on our primary calling and God will automatically help us to fulfill our secondary calling.


  1. Praise the Lord. Please pray for my brother and bhabhi. Their relationship requires blessings from almighty. It’s going through a rough phase. Also, tday is my brother’s bday. Please pray for his health, happiness and long life. Thanks and God bless you! !