Dear friends as we all know that 21st August will witness the total Solar Eclipse across 10 states of America. This is happening after 1914 on a full scale in United States of America, which marked the beginning of world war 1. In 1776 there was another Solar Eclipse where a war was fought for religious freedom.

Many Prophets and Bible teachers are watching this sign from God (Genesis 1:14) with special attention.God surely gives signs in the heavens to depict a time for future occurrences. Lord forewarns HIS people about the coming events whether it be good or bad, just because of HIS love.

Let us pray to God to open our understanding to know and recognize the times and the seasons in which we are living in. Kindly pray for the Lord to open our Spiritual eyes and understanding to know the mysteries and secrets of God in these end times.

God bless you.