Dear friends we shared some points of what God revealed regarding 2018 and the times ahead. Here is the second part of what God has revealed to HIS Prophets regarding the coming times and the seasons:-

  1. Increased level of spiritual warfare will be experienced.
  2. Tremendous wealth transfer will occur for those who have a task in the Lord for these end times and those who haven’t given love of money the priority.
  3. Unprecedented natural disasters will strike various parts of the earth and nations shall suffer. 
  4. Water shall rage and cause much destruction in many parts all over the world.
  5. Year of trials/tribulation for the body of CHRIST
  6. Lord shall cleanse HIS temple (church), especially those who are pursuing the ministry for the love (lust) of money. Also those who are working against others with selfish and evil motives shall be dealt by the Lord.
  7. Many men/women of God who have completed their race in the Lord shall be called into glory (heaven) and their mantles shall come upon many.
  8. Big shots in the country are planning to create conditions of famine,that is going to affect the farmers.
  9. Also small businesses shall suffer.
  10. Year of scientific revolution and travel will become much more faster.
  11. India is getting prepared for final outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 
  12. Signs, wonders and miracles shall happen in a marvelous manner in the body of CHRIST.

There are so many other secrets the Lord has revealed to HIS Prophets, which are not possible to share in this article. Kindly visit the Youtube channel for ore updates. Please keep praying for the Prophecies, that God will be gracious to fulfill HIS will. Timing’s are in the hands of the Holy Spirit. HE is a Lord of love and compassion and whatever HE wants will do it. God is a good God and HIS mercy endures forever.

God willing more to come…