Dear people of GOD,the following are the few points of Prophecy given to the Prophets of GOD for the year 2017 and onward:-

1)A Complete cycle of 70 years is coming to an end.This is the year of 70.Number 7 has an important Spiritual meaning.The number 70 also has Spiritual meaning.Things will turn around from this year onward

2)The wickedness shall increase all over as per Revelation 22:11,12

3)The big wars can be averted by Intercessory Prayers of the saints.

4)The Year of Breakthrough and Global Harvest.

5)Resolutions shall be passed to divide the land of Jerusalem(against Israel).

6)Clear distinction will be visible between the True and the false church,those who seek the Lord and those who don’t,those who are Righteous and the unrighteous,the Light and darkness(within the church and between the Godly and the worldly).

7)Lord will deal with those who are selling the Gospel and those with wrong doctrines.

8)Japan will be shaken with natural calamities and also experience Revival.

9)America will be shaken and there will be violence within borders.Also the Governance will be shaken but HOLY SPIRIT will help after Prayers.

10)Those nations that touch(divide) Israel will be Judged.

11)The wealth transfer for believers(who are selflessly doing the Lord’s work) will be tremendous.

12)The world financial system will shake(the International currencies).

13)There shall be blood shed in Africa and afterwards Revival will sweep across Africa

14)New diseases will attack the human race.

15)There shall be increase in Airplane accidents and Big buildings and towers shall fall(anything relating to human pride-whether it be Spiritual pride or pride of power,position or materialistic possession will fall).The Humble shall be exalted for God’s Glory.

16)The Angelic activity shall increase.More Angels will visit and even Protect the children of God.

17)The Gospel shall spread among millions and every corner.(Preparing the people for the second coming of the Lord).This year people should seek the Lord as never before and just depend on the Lord.

Note-The prophecies are subject to conditions -that people of God should if they pray and Repent or if they are disobedient,the Prophecies will be subject to delay depending upon the Grace of God or sovereign will of God.