prophecy continued…

End Time Prophecies and Visions: End Time Prophecies and Visions: The Prophecy continued… My friends Bible clearly states that how war of Gog and Magog will take place(Ezekiel 38,39),before that if we read, there is another war that will take place i.e. Psalm 83.Israel will face opposition on all sides before the final war.Russia will rise up again and show its power.It’s symbol is Bear.Now the Bear will and is in fact already awake and is out of hibernation,to influence and interfere in the world affairs.The tension with European countries and especially with America will increase.According to the Word revealed by the Lord to HIS Prophets,Russia will confront and have a war with America.China will help Russia.The dragon and the bear will attack America.So will North Korea try to provoke America.My friends we need to Pray for the coming times and seasons.God will help us.Watch and Pray.