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End Time Prophecies and Visions: End Time Prophecies and Visions: Bible clearly says that HOLY SPIRIT will be poured upon all flesh in the last days.(Joel 2:28,29)and as a result Young men shall see Visions and Sons and Daughters shall Prophesy.My friends Spiritual eyesight is more important than natural,physical one or in other words Spiritual blindness is more dangerous than the natural one.In the last days Holy Spirit outpouring will usher in the Visions and dreams to the people of God.People of God who are sensitive to the voice of The HOLY SPIRIT will witness their Spiritual senses open.The thin line between the Spiritual realm and the natural Realm is about to be lifted,the veil will be removed.People will witness Heavenly Visions like Prophet Ezekiel and St John.HOLY SPIRIT is ready to fill HIS people and overflow through them to others.As one Prophet says that before Lord JESUS comes back to the world,HE must and will come to us individually first.Let us not underestimate the importance of Spiritual senses.Every Prophet in the Old Testament had this quality that one or the other of their Spiritual senses was open.Prophets like Elisha knew anything and almost everything.Even the Kings trembled before the Anointing upon this man of God.So was it Prophet Daniel.He ability to be a Seer in the Spirit made him a different personality and a different Prophet.So many examples can be seen from the WORD OF GOD.As LORD JESUS is the LIGHT so our eyes must witness this True LIGHT in us and through us unto the uttermost parts of the earth.Let us pray for God to enlighten the eyes of our understanding(Ephesians 1:16-18).