The last days part 2

End Time Prophecies and Visions: End Time Prophecies and Visions: End Time Prophecies…: SECOND COMING OF LORD JESUS CHRIST End Time Prophecies and Visions:

Well my friends there are many signs for these onset of last days.Israel is the key.If we want to know the events about to take place in the world and where we are in terms of second coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST we must see the events occurring in Israel.Israel is the clock.The Bible refers to it as Fig tree in Matthew 24.Yes when the Fig tree blossoms,as it is already happening.The technology and the fertile land of Israel are way better and ahead of other countries.Land of Israel is Blessed.But people think that 1948 is the year when Israel was reformed,therefore that is the generation that will see the coming of Lord JESUS CHRIST but my friend let us remember it was only in 1967 that Israel got back Jerusalem completely and Jerusalem became the capital of Israel.So from 1967 on wards is the generation that our LORD JESUS CHRIST is talking about.Secondly Jerusalem will be divided as per Zech 14:1-4 once again,and again the Jews will scatter all over,this is the second sign and thirdly the the third temple must be built as per Revelation 11:1-2 in Jerusalem.This is where anti-Christ will sit again.This is where Lord JESUS CHRIST is coming back.Israel is a sign.Pray.