Dear brothers and sisters we thank our Lord JESUS CHRIST for HIS goodness throughout the year 2017. As our team was praying God has been gracious to reveal the prophetical word for 2018. Following are few of the many points in this article:-

Note– Prophecies are meant to be God’s mind revealed to us.It is the sovereign will of The Holy Spirit for their fulfillment. Kindly pray for them. Times are in HIS hands.JESUS our father is a God of compassion, HIS will be done, HIS kingdom come on earth.

  1. Year of the company of Prophets to rise up becoming the mouth-piece of God.
  2. Year of divine provision for Gods’ people.
  3. Year when the words with initials ‘E’ and ‘N’ will be heard often i.e. explosion-Spiritual and physical, earthquakes, exaggeration, evangelism, emotional healing, eventful year,earth being shaken, elders passing over the torch to the new generation, endurance against enticement, election of faithful people, exhortation through prophecy, spirit of Elijah will be poured upon many, walking like Prophet Enoch, favor like Esther, book of Ezekiel and Ephesians to meditate upon, revival in entertainment industry. N i.e. new wine, new wine-skins, new alignment, new doors, new manifestation, new birth, new beginning, new businesses. 
  4. Eagle’s anointing to be made manifest.
  5. Many lamp-stands are going to be removed.
  6. Prayer to bind the works of terrorists in India.Some states are marked and it needs lot of intercession.
  7. Wars are unavoidable. Scriptural prophecies of Matthew 24 and Luke 21 are soon going to be fulfilled. Things are getting in place for Psalm 83 to be fulfilled as mentioned for 2017.
  8. Geographical boundaries will change around the world of some places because of political upheaval, wars and also natural disasters the next two years.
  9. Countries that need attention are Australia, USA, Israel, France, Iran, China and Russia
  10. Acts chapter 4 and 5 will be manifested very soon, along with Revelation 7,11,12,13
  11. Volcanoes will draw the attention of the people.
  12. Year to prepare for the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Very soon the seven Spirits’ of God will be poured and the powers of the age to come will be made manifest but before that Lord will prepare HIS people the coming two years.
  13. New revolution is coming in science and technology. The present one will seem to be obsolete.
  14. The next two years when mantles of Prophets and Apostles will descend on many.
  15. As per Daniel 11:32- “Year to do exploits for the Lord”.
  16. Year to humbly seek the Lord like never before
  17. Year of Justice of the Lord.
  18. The next two years when many will be humbled and every kind of pride will be dealt with.
  19. Those who have been unfaithful and deceiving others, their calling in God’s kingdom and the task assigned by the Lord to them will be handed over to other faithful people. (Luke 19:11 on-wards).
  20. A company of worshipers in Spirit is being prepared by the Lord as an end time army.
  21. Tsunami of revival is coming very soon. When Tsunami hits the world again on a big scale, that will be a sign of coming Spiritual Tsunami of millions getting saved for the glory of God.
  22. Children will be used mightily for the Lord to set the captives free and heal the people. They will walk in the power of the Lord and some will be a part of the company of martyrs. (Joel 2:28,29, Revelation 12:1-8)
  23. Church will undergo severe persecution but glory will be far greater (1 Peter 4:14).
  24. Prayer is needed to bind the works of viruses and bacteria’s to spread diseases
  25.  Solar power projects and new sources of energy are going to be discovered.
  26. Ministries need protection against attacks from the enemy.
  27. Isaiah 60:1-5 will be manifested soon.
  28. Outer-court Christians will die and some forsake the Lord, some forsake the way of the Lord because falling away will come first. (2 Thessalonans 2:2,3)
  29. Wave of sanctification will come across Christian circles and believers at various levels.
  30. Manifestation of four horses of revelation will be seen (Revelation 6:1-9)

God willing more to continue…Kindly pray for the above matters.