Dear People of God,yesterday i.e 14th November 2016 the world witnessed the Super moon i.e. the moon was 14% bigger in size and closest to earth after so many years.IN fact the last time the moon seemed to be so bigger was during 1948,the year when Israel again became a nation.We have already witnessed the series of blood moons since 2014 on Jewish feast days.As the days have progressed,we have witnessed historic changes and increase of blood shed as signified by the signs in the skies.In past one year many nations have aligned with Israel and have supported their cause and have had various pacts in favour of the Blessed Jewish nation.In 1948 the Supermoon was symbolic of nations intervening in the affairs of Israel.The Super moon of yesterday too signifies about the changes that will come to the nation of Israel in the coming months.Jerusalem will take the centre news stage in the coming months.We have entered an unprecedented time like never before.Watch and Pray because the time is drawing near for the Prophecies to be fulfilled as per Zechariah 14.God bless You.