GOD is Gracious to reveal HIS will to HIS people.When we were praying recently there were certain things that were revealed during prayer time mercifully by the Lord regarding the coming times,seasons and the year.We have already shared what God revealed during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.Here is a part of the revelation by our Lord JESUS CHRIST on 10th December 2016 regarding the coming year.Remember the Prophecies are subject to time fulfillment,as people repent and obey God or their disobedience can delay the fulfillment of Prophecy.Also Prayer brings fulfillment to the will of THE HOLY SPIRIT.Certain events will continue to happen in 2018.In this first part we will share few points that God revealed.Kindly Pray.


1)During Prayer time I had a glimpse of River flowing from the Throne of God.This river was beautiful and was flowing in Heaven but it reached the earth’s atmosphere.Then I was told that this Year of 2017 will be the Year of Living waters flowing from inside of the People of God.(John 7:37)The rivers in the Spiritual realm and the rivers will overflow the banks in the natural realm.Great floods will destroy the various parts of the nations on earth.

2)This will be the year of Overflow,Abundance for those who have waited on God and have been walking in the fear of the Lord.

3)As written about 2016,2017 and 2018-these years mark much chaos,confusion,upheavel,terror around the world.

4)This is the year of Harvest.As per Galatians 6:7,9 all those who have sown will reap whether Good or bad,whether Praying in the Spirit or flesh,even the spoken words in the atmosphere will receive a quick harvest.Year of Harvest of Souls.

5)The Year of saving Souls and Salvation.

6)The biggest move of God is about to take place in a very short span of time and for a very short span of time.The doors will open i.e. the year of Open doors for those who have Prayed earnestly these doors will open to the full,effortlessly before they finally shut.

7)Year of Persecution and Martyrs.A Company of Martyrs is about to rise up in India and around the world.

8)The Year of ‘d/D’ i.e. Divine,deliverance,disaster,division,damage,distress,deception,delusion,destruction,decision,decree etc.The words with initials ‘d’ is going to be heard in the natural and the Spiritual realm.

9)The year of The Mighty Visitation and Preparation of the Lord.Visitation of Heavenly beings,Lord HIMSELF.

10)The year of Revelation from Heaven for those who are hungry and True seekers of The WORD.

11)There is going to be a tremendous shaking in the nations.Sudden perilous times will appear.The Prophecies of the Prophets that were being held because of time and Prayer will now come to pass.

12)The year of Completion.This year the Projects of the past,the Assignments will be completed.

13)There is going to be religious tensions and conflicts all around the world.The Pope is going with a solution(that will lead many astray).

14)The Year of Judgment by the Lord.From America to Japan,Australia,South Korea,Israel to Germany the nations of such kind will be in the news for shaking’s and rumblings.But the Judgment must begin at the house of God.Many churches and ministries will be disciplined.

15)There will be an acceleration of events all over.The violence in many parts will increase.The trigger of war is all set to take place.Water and Fire will be manifested for much destruction around the world.

16)The Year of the mighty Anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT,especially nameless,faceless,selfless generation.The Youth will rise with Great Zeal like Jehu and High calling and Anointing of the Lord with their Spiritual eyesight opened.

17)There are coming visible,noticeable celestial changes in the coming times,that will affect the earth.Haggai 2:6-9 will be manifested.

18)The nation of Russia will rise up in great power and strength and fight in battle against other nations.The country of America needs Prayers in this regard.

19)The false church,false Prophets,false miracle workers and false doctrines will increase.They will increase in number first.Multitudes will be misled by them in the name of The Lord.As per 2 Thessalonians 2,falling away must come first..But LORD will deal later severely with such after their name,fame,gain spreads.

20)This will be the year of Natural Disasters affecting the people and many loosing their lives.(Volcanoes,earthquakes,destruction by waves and waters will cause widespread damage)

21)The spirit of pride will be dealt with(whether it be spiritual,or love of money,buildings,sky scrapers,position etc)

We again humbly request You to Kindly Pray.God loves HIS people.Even HIS Judgments are Redemptive.The Remnant will be separated and Prepared like a Lamb.

to be continued…