All those who have read the New Testament know about The WORD ‘REPENTANCE’.If we study the Greek meaning of the word it is derived from the word-‘metanoeo’-(meta,-“changed after being with” and noieo-“think”)-properly,”think differently after,” “after a change of mind”; or to change one’s mind or purpose
My friends before the first  coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,GOD sent John The Baptist to Preach The Gospel and Baptism of Repentance.He preached the Kingdom of Heaven.Repentance is the result of True Salvation in CHRIST.Bible says Godly sorrow leads to Repentance but worldly sorrow brings death.We may give our hearts to the LORD JESUS CHRIST but if our minds and thoughts are not Renewed then surely we have not Repented yet because Repentance itself meand The Renewal of mind.Repentance leads to Salvation and Salvation begins or leads to a Transparent,Genuine Relationship with GOD.

Bro Charles Spurgeon said”Repentance is as much a mark of a Christian,as Faith is.A very little sin,as the world calls it,is a very great sin to a true Christian.”

Mark 1:4 says John the Baptist appeared in the wilderness preaching a baptism of Repentance for the forgiveness of sins.
Matthew and Luke 3:8 says “…Bear Fruit worthy of Repentance…”The book of Matthew says Fruit while the Book of Luke says Fruits.
My friend True Repentance will produce The FRUIT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.The Good Tree bears Good Fruits (the WORD OF GOD Teaches us).

Matthew 4:17-From that time JESUS began to preach and say ,”Repent,for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”
LORD JESUS Himself began Preaching Repentance and Kingdom of Heaven

Acts 2:38-39 and 3:19 says-that Peter while preaching said “Repent and each of  you be baptized in the name of JESUS CHRIST for the forgiveness of your sins…” and in 3:19 says “…Repent and return so that your sins may be wiped away…,”
Acts 11:18 says Repentance leads to life.
2 Peter 3:9 says God doesn’t wan’t anyone to perish but for all to come to Repentance.
Romans 2:4 says Kindness of God leads to Repentance
Luke 15:4-7 says that there is more Joy in Heaven over one lost sinner who Repents and Returns to GOD…
Luke 5:32 LORD JESUS came to call Sinners to Repentance.
God’s Grace Grants us Repentance.
2 Timothy 2:25 God grants us Repentance leading to a Knowledge of The Truth.
Acts 17:30-“Repentance is followed by Turning towards God

My Dear Friends in the last days The mantle of John The Baptist will come upon many to preach The Gospel Of Repentance.
Our process of salvation starts when we accept LORD JESUS CHRIST as our personal Savior,but we must complete the race here on this planet by the Grace of GOD.Romans 12:1,2 says-Renewal of mind Reveals the Good,Pleasant and Perfect will of God.We may be walking in the will of GOD that is Good or we may be walking in HIS Pleasant will while GOD wants us to walk with HIM that will make us in HIS PERFECT WILL.Repentance is an ongoing process.We may be self satisfying and thinking that GOD is pleased with us but not necessarily this is GOD’s point of view.This is why we need Spiritual senses(especially Spiritual eyes and ears).
Even our thoughts may be unpleasant towards GOD.So before we pray in our hiding,it is important to Confess and Repent before our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Prophetical Word- LORD JESUS has revealed to HIS PROPHETS that when Br Billy Graham is promoted to HIS ETERNAL ABODE(HEAVEN),This Great Man of God’s Mantle will combine with that Br T.L. OSBORN’S  AND BR ORAL ROBERTS’ MANTLE(The Gospel of Repentance and man of Integrity with Gospel of Signs,wonders and Miracles will combine)and multiply and descend upon the final generation to save the lost at any cost.Millions upon millions shall be saved.That time is very near.

In India the mantle of Prophets like Uncle  D.G.S Dhinakaran and Br John Rabindranath will come on many to raise the Prophets from India who will talk to LORD JESUS CHRIST Face to Face and bring Repentance to many.From India The Gospel shall spread across the world.