Teaching on Prophecy

The final move of GOD will be of Prophets,whether it be salvation,healing,miracles all will be a Prophetical one.People have different ideas about this gift.
Some of them are:-

1)Every prophecy is for encouragement and edification and comfort(1 Cor 14:2-4).They quote this scripture and think that Prophecy cannot be negative,but this is not so…Read the book of Amos and also Acts Chapter 5 and Acts 20.God is not what we assume,HE says in Hebrews HE is the same yesterday,today and forever.It means GOD was same in the Old Testament and same in the NEW.The difference is JESUS in Old Testament concealed is in New Testament Revealed.John 17:3 says that The life eternal is in the fact that we know GOD and HIS SON LORD JESUS CHRIST.Knowing the power in the name of JESUS and knowing JESUS Personally are both vastly different things.

2)People assume that only those prophecies are True and from GOD that come to pass.Its not true my friends.There are so many examples in the Bible that God spoke but it was not fulfilled as people thought.God told Moses several times that Moses will enter the Promised Land but at the end Moses couldn’t during his lifetime.why?Just because of his attitude(anger and disobedience)in just one matter.God told him not to pray.Similarly in Jonah we read people repented so that generation never saw the fulfillment of Prophecy.So God or human beings are not to be blamed,but its our matter of Obedience/disobedience or repentance that can delay the Prophecy

3)God doesn’t judge the world,so the judgment will come only after Rapture and at Great White Throne Judgment.No my friends that’s not true.There are many times God even though HE is a God of LOVE,but HE is GOD of Justice too.HE Prunes and corrects and even rebukes HIS children,when they go astray.If we read the book of Revelation,God at times will judge HIS people and the world,at appropriate times to correct them.Even HIS judgments are Righteous and a True Sign of LOVE.GOD IS LOVE,therefore HE wants to take a Spotless Bride for HIMSELF,therefore HE prepares and corrects HIS people.

4)If Prophecy doesn’t suit us or doesn’t feel good then reject or despise it.My friends Bible says that do not despise Prophecies.If Prophecy is of human origin,it simply will fail but if it is from GOD and we are unable to understand it,we speak against the Prophets and thus loose Anointing and sensitivity to the HOLY SPIRIT.Slowly we drift away from the True knowledge of GOD.
5)Prophecy cannot be precisely told as per the day or week or hour.People mistake that God doesn’t disclose any timings.But read Jonah 3:4 and also LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF told that the Third day HE would rise again.So GOD can disclose the timing,provided we are on that level of intimacy.

My friends there are many other myths about this Gift,but 1 Cor 14 says that we must desire this precious Gift and this is a wonderful tool of the HOLY SPIRIT to win the lost.Yes its true that many have lost their faith because of false prophets but my friends we must earnestly desire the Best Gifts and at the same time cultivate the FRUIT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT(develop Character).The last days church and the world will see both the false prophets as well as the True Prophets.Both will run parallel. But we must know the Voice of the HOLY SPIRIT(…My sheep know My voice…).
The final move is the Prophetical one