Over the years, God has raised up many Generals in the body of CHRIST. These men and women of God have had a huge impact on the nations and the history of mankind. We know that milk and solid food is the WORD OF GOD i.e. The Bible. But God in HIS Divine mercy has Revealed certain Truth’s to HIS chosen ones over the years since the first century church and these Revelations from Heaven have been an eye-opener. They work as Vitamins and Minerals and Supplements. Their Testimonies have inspired, motivated and changed many lives. Here are few of the writers we would recommend on the site so as to help your walk with God in daily life and also for Your Spiritual growth.Even if you find their Biography it would help you a lot.

Br Charles Finney, Br Kenneth E Hagin, Br D.L Moody,Br Smith Wigglesworth,Br John G Lake, Br Alexander Dowie,Br Benny Hinn, Br Derek Price,Br D.G.S Dhinakaran,Br Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj,Br Vincent Selvakumar,Br Neville Johnson, Br Rick Joyner, Br Bruce Allen, Sis Kathryn Kulhman,Sis Joyce Meyer,Br Billy Graham,Br Oral Roberts,Br Reinhard Bonnke,Br T.L Osborne,Br John Osteen,Br Paul Keith Davis,Br Jonathan Cahn,Br Perry Stone,Br Morris Cerullo,Br Pat Robertson,Br Mohan C Lazarus,Br Paul Dhinakaran,Br John Rabindranath,Br John Wessley,Br Paul(David)Yongi Cho,Br Jaerock Lee,Br David Taylor,Br Joseph Sweet,Br John Bevere,Br Chuck Pierce,Br Tim LaHaye and many more whom God has Chosen for HIS work